Our signature product is the ThandiWrap.   Also known as the T-Wrap, the ThandiWrap is a unique turbanwrap designed to improve the head-wrapping experience. Simple and easy to wear; can be wrapped in seconds, literally!



  • Pre-folded unique turban-wrap combinations
  • Timesaving - it can wrapped in seconds
  • Comfortable - ensures minimum tension to the head
  • Suits all hair types (Afro to Caucasian)
  • 2 lengths - Standard and short for personal preference
  • Different colours,  textures
  • Suitable for both experienced and first-time wrappers
  • Alternative/Compliment to wigs and perms
  • Portable and flexible - ultra soft fabrics allow for easy packaging/storage
  • Low-maintenance - crease-proof, hand and machine washable
  • Made to high-quality standards
  • Stylish, regal and elegant,
  • Standard fit
  • Multifunctional/ Versatile - wear it anyhow, anytime, anywhere

These practical and time-saving features make it a vital commodity for many women, whatever their race, age or lifestyle.  Simple - say goodbye to bad hair days and endless hours worrying about your hair. Say hello to the ThandiWrap


We've taken time to create this unique product. So to protect our design, we have registered it with the UK Intellectual Property Office


Exceptional Creativity for Innovation


EUWIIN 2011 Special Recognition Award

Reykjavik, Iceland 



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