NEW IN - satin lined beanies and slouches

Green Satin-Lined Sleep Bonnets


Pretty, comfortable and practical, the satin-lined bonnet bids goodbye to knotted and untidy hair.  The satin helps reduce the friction that adds to frizzinesssplit -ends, and breakage

Wearing the bonnet to bed will protect you and your child's/children's hair during sleep.

Reversible too.  Wear them inside out for variety, and fun - especially on the days when you are wearing a weave or braids and can afford to be less precious about the frizz in your natural hair

Ages  3 upwards - T the youngest model here is 3 - (she has a lot of hair and the small-sized bonnet stays on all night). Mum is wearing the medium 

Size - Small - 15 in circumference

        - Medium 17 in circumference


Material - Polyester, satin & elastic

Care - Machine and hand washable


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