Double sided satin bonnet - Reversible


 Keep your curls/tresses protected all night long and wake up to beautiful tangle-free hair

Pretty, comfortable and practical, the satin bonnet bids goodbye to knotted and untidy hair. Rubbing against cotton bedding can strip hair of moisture, causing it dry to dry and frizz. This encourages split end and breakage. The satin bonnet is essential for healthy hair care. The perfect hair protection cap for healthy hair care, it helps retain hair moisture thus reducing dryness. Suitable for all hair types; afro, curly, wavy, hair extensions, etc! We know your hair will love your bonnet. We trust you will love it too.

This double-sided satin beanie is reversible too. Have fun and choose which side you wear them

Finished with an elastic band which ensures bonnet stays comfortably in place during sleep. So comfortable, you'll soon forget it's on your head

The elastic headband sizes are actual - (before stretch) - Please allow an extra 1 - 1.5-inch comfortable stretch

So we get this right for you, please measure your head circumference before your order. If you have any questions, please contact us before placing your order.

Size Guide

Our adult range comes in 3 sizes - Snug - Adult Small,  Medium & Long

Snug - Adult Small:
Diameter - 12 inches
Headband 18 inches -before stretch -
Fit pre-teens and adults with smaller heads and shorter hair length and hairstyles.

Diameter - 14 inches
Headband - 20 - 23 inches - before stretch -
Longer than the Snug size - Fit standard adult head size shoulder or mid-back hair length, braids, etc.

Diameter - 16 inches
Headband - 21 - 24 inches - before stretch -
Longer than the Medium size - Fit standard adult to larger head size with long or waist-length hair, jumbo braids or other very big hairstyles.

Customization - We are happy to customise to your requirements.  Please message us for your choices.

Polyester, satin & elastic -

Care - Machine and hand washable

**Please note that actual colours may vary on different computer monitors

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