Our signature product is the ThandiWrap ~a unique hat and wrap combination designed to improve the head-wrapping experience. Easy to wear, it can be wrapped in seconds, literally!   It can be worn to any place, any time and in different styles.  These practical, time-saving and versatile features make it a vital resource for many women, whatever their age or lifestyle! 

In her own words, Thandi, Founder and Creative Director, shares our story

"From a lifestyle choice to a hobby nurtured in my garage, my love for headwraps has matured into a product in its own right!.

I walked away from my 'respectable' 9 to 5 job to seek self-employment doing something I love. Freed from my 'professional' box,  I found myself wearing head wraps. These were pieces of cloth I easily wound around my head. To the appreciation of many, the feedback was encouraging.

“Is that a hat or piece of cloth? it's so beautiful! “

Thus was born the realisation that for many women, the art of head wrapping was “complicated”.  Encouraged by my friend, Thandiwrap was born.

I am honoured and delighted, to share the "wraps of love" with you.

Happy Thandiwrapping"