NEW IN - satin lined beanies and slouches

Grey Satin-Lined Unisex Standard Slouch


With its slight saggy look, this slouch is chic! Dressier than the beanie, add it to your collection to complete your casual look while running your errands or out with friends

Kinder to hair, the satin lining is a protective barrier to your crown, helping reduce the friction that adds to frizziness, split-ends, and breakage. The fabric is very very light you will hardly feel its weight on your head.  It will
 protect your hair while keeping your head and ears warm on a cold wintry day.  It will also keep you breezy cool in the warm weather

Size - 21 and 23 inches circumstances

Our adult women range come in a standard 21 inch.

We suggest the 23 inches for men or anyone with lots of hair and need a freer feel around their head. the model here is wearing the standard 21 in

Material - Cotton, satin lining & elastic
Care - Machine and hand washable

Please note– Using on wet or oily hair/ may cause the fabric to bleed


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